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MiniSense is an advanced electronic data logger device. The data is acquired from the sensors connected to the inputs, based on the configuration settings, and saved in the memory with a time label. The saved data can be stored locally, or can be shared with another MiniSense unit for storage.

MiniSense is 100% tested electrically and designed to work long periods unattended. It has industrial temperature rating for operation. MiniSense can be powered either by battery or by the mains. It has a wide power input range to support different supply alternatives. The power input of MiniSense is both polarity and surge protected. All the inputs are ESD protected.   


(warning)  ATTENTION: The instructions in this manual must be followed carefully for the safe operation and the warranty rights of the units. Therefore, before powering the device, the user manual should be read carefully. This user manual should be kept close to the device as there are important information on configuration settings and functions. 

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